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Follow my blog with Bloglovin A day at the beach with MiamiTeenyWeenyBikini.Com.MiamiTeenyWeenyBikini.Com If you are anything like me then a day out at the beach, no matter where you reside, is a day of utter relaxation and beauty. Nowhere on our blue planet do we see both men and women indulging in what they do best. Yes, it would appear that a golden sandy beach can and does help us all to rid ourselves from most of our very own inhibitions, thus allowing us to display for all to see, the most beautiful thing of all, the human body. Yes, thanks to the modern-day bikini, speedos, thongs, jammers and for that matter, any form of modern-day swimwear both men and women can now descend onto any beach and openly display for all to see, their natural-born beauty, and thanks to modern-day companies like MiamTeenyWeenyBikini.Com it does not matter if you are large, petit, muscular or just your everyday type person, somewhere in their vast array of swimwear they have a swimsuit or accessories waiting for you to find and enjoy on any beach near you. What can I say, a day at the beach lifts the heart, warms the blood and as mentioned above, lowers our inhibitions. However, unfortunately it was not always as easy to go onto a beach in the bad old Victorian ages. Just to change into a swimsuit on a beach as we will see, was an act of complete comical theatrics. Join me as we go to the beach on a warm Victorian day. Arriving at the beach around 7am you would have have been greeted by what was known as a beach master, he would be dressed in both suit and tie and would normally doff his cloth hat to you as you waited in line for your turn to enter into one of the many bathing machines, all lined up at the seawall, all displaying the rules and regulations of what you could and not do on the beach and of course the mandatory cost of hourly rental, normally one shilling. (about 25 cents today) The actual bathing machine was literally a shed on wheels, with a door at the front so that you could get in, windows at the side to let in the sun and a large double door at the front, which opened out towards the sea giving the occupier access to the sea. Once the new occupier had changed into his or her swimsuit, they would ring a bell and the beach master would then wheel the bathing machine down the beach until it entered the water. At this point the bather would open up the large double doors, thus hiding he or she from anyone on the beach before descending into the cooling waters of the ocean. Once completed bathing, they would then ascend the steps before closing the door which gave them the privacy to change back into their daytime attire. Once dressed they would then raise a flag thus alerting the beach master to come and pull the beach machine back to the seawall where they would alight and ascend up onto the promenade as if nothing had happened. Their day at the beach was now over. Well, folks, that’s the end of a day at the beach in Victorian times, I for one am glad we do not have to go to so much bother today, remember, beauty is in the beholder so never be ashamed to openly display just who you are. My sincere thanks to MiamiTeenyWeenyBikini.Com home to the world's top swimwear and beach accessories, pop over and give them a try I promise you will not regret it. Happy sunbathing on a beach near you.

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